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The Sandwich Generation Issues - Simply Easy Tip 1 - Washing That Grey Right Out of Your Hair Can Speed Up Your Day!

The Sandwich Generation Issues - Simple Tip 1

Would you believe, this Sandwich Generation granny nanny shares something in common with many of the rich and famous movie stars? I have a great hair stylist! Who just happens to live several states away! Now, I have to confess, that's where the similarity ends. I don't get to jet set her to me or me to her any time I need a "do." Nor do I ever hold up all the plane traffic in a major metropolitan airport. I just wait til I can get out to see her, and if my hair starts to get too unruly, I have a little trick I try.

I can often manage to stave off a haircut using a tip a dear friend shared with me. I "beat my hair into submission." Well, not really, but close. :) Turns out dying your hair with the grocery store products like Loreal or Revlon actually "damages" the hair a bit which, in turn, makes it easier to work with. Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

I really don't care about my grey hairs (I'm a member of the baby boomer generation and proud of it - grey hair and all :) ) and I was somewhat leery of trying this as I didn't want any rashes, orange hair, or other problems. But my hair was driving me batty, so I finally broke down. After spending hours (or so it seemed to me and the people waiting behind me) looking at all the different products, I picked a non-ammonia product by Loreal (I've also used Revlon and Garnier quite happily). I always pick the same brunette color as my own or a tad lighter.

It was very nerve wracking the first time I did this, but now it's quite easy. I always make sure to read through the directions carefully, though, just to be sure there's no changes. Then I follow the directions exactly. And voila - I do, indeed, have hair that cooperates much better!

Now, that's not to say it works that way for everyone. You know all the disclaimers that the dear lawyers want us to use. And I would never suggest this to my senior mom, as her fine hair is already coming out faster than she likes. I wouldn't want to take a chance and make it worse. I'm just saying that, for me, and for my friend, doing this really does seem to make our hair behave a bit better.

There is the side benefit to all this that I really do get to "wash that grey right out of my hair." As I said, though, I don't personally care much about that and I probably wouldn't even bother to do this just for the grey hairs. BUT as long as it keeps my hair more manageable I can get ready faster and that makes it very worthwhile for me. Especially when I'm running to a fun day of babysitting grandchildren or scooting out the door fast to take my senior mom to a doctor's appointment.

It's one of those simple solutions for the Sandwich Generation issues that simply work well for me. How about you? Got any simple solutions to share with us. We'd love to hear. :)

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